help-people-250x300Greece’s far-reaching and ongoing economic crisis has forced many vulnerable members of the Jewish Community of Athens to apply for social welfare and financial assistance as family and close friends are no longer able to provide for their economic needs. With consumer prices of basic necessities (food, electricity, and gas) rising, the real estate market drop, pension cuts and regular tax hikes, high medical costs (as affordable care is no longer available in public hospitals), and very high unemployment rates, we are witness to serious financial hardships within our Community.

The Jewish Community of Athens has a very successful Social Welfare Program in place to provide for its vulnerable members. Our services include monthly allowances, ad hoc or short-term subsidies for emergency situations, medical support for members who have partial health insurance or are uninsured, assistance with medication bills, psychological support for members who live alone or require special treatment, and counseling for individuals or families in crisis. These services are organized and managed by the Social Welfare Committee of the Jewish Community of Athens, which is comprised of experienced and qualified volunteer members of our Community and a full-time professional Social Worker. Support for this program is made possible by annual membership dues and donations from individuals and foreign organizations.

To get involved or help by making a donation, please contact Ms. Taly Mair at