“The Yellow Hats” is a different book in which Kelly Matathia Covo uses words and pictures to describe the feelings of a Greek Jewish family during the Nazi occupation and the courage of the rescuers, the common effort to defeat the evil. “The Yellow Hats”, is an allegory of the story of the writer’s own family that was rescued during the Holocaust. It is a story about courage and resistance, about friendship that overcomes boundaries, about gratefulness and remembrance. “It tells of those who listen to their inner voice, their heart, when faced with fear, and find the strength to decide about what lies ahead. But it also tells about those who put their own lives at risk in order to defend the right to live”, Kelly Matathia Covo, told EJP.

“When I was little, we often talked about the adventures, the dangers, the struggles and the superhuman effort that was made by my mother’s family to be saved from the brutality of war. How they escaped, where they were hidden, who were those simple, righteous men, who had the courage to resist, endangering their lives in order to save their fellow men.”

“The Yellow Hats”, is the first Holocaust theme book in the Greek literature, which is addressed to children of different age groups. Depending on the reader’s age, the content of the book has multiple reading levels.

To older children it can reveal aspects of history and become a tool for discussing traumatic events.

In younger ages, it can be a tool for teaching empathy, help children understand their actions, attitudes and reactions, and sympathize with their fellows.

The story offers the opportunity to approach the concepts of active citizenship, friendship and selflessness, companionship and humanity.

The book was edited by Patakis editions, November 2017.

Kelly Matathia Covo has been illustrating children’s books over the years and now she has written and illustrated a story of her own.

She was born in Athens in 1959.

She completed her studies on Graphic Design & Illustration at the Neri Bloomfield Academy of Art and Design in Haifa, Israel.

In 1988 she was given an award for illustration and in 2004 a distinction both by the Circle of Greek Children’s -the Greek Section of IBBY (.International Board on Books for Young people). She has been included twice, (1988, 2017), in the IBBY Honor List for Illustration.

Source: Victor Eliezer, 18.12.2017, European Jewish Press