Our Mission and Leadership

The Jewish Community of Athens is a vibrant, strong, compassionate, and enduring community in Greece. We are a community focused on the preservation of our identity and the safeguarding of our future.

Our goals are (1) to preserve the historic course of our community, (2) to cultivate and enrich Jewish identity within our community, with emphasis on education, (3) to inspire and mobilize volunteerism for the community’s causes and leadership, (4) to strengthen bonds with Jewish people globally, (5) to enhance the impact of our community within Athens, and (6) to support people in need.

The General Assembly, comprised of 50 elected representatives, elects the 13 member Board of Directors every three years. The community has 14 active committees, staffed by over 150 volunteers, that assist the Board of Directors with the management of the community and offer valuable services. The Administration has 10 full-time and 3 part-time employees and is a vital component of the organization.

Mr. Alvertos Taraboulous is the President of the Community and the Director of the Community is Ms. Taly Mair.

For additional information, please call (+30) 210 325 2875 or send an email to