sxoleio_newThe Lauder Athens Jewish Community School is a private nursery, kindergarten and elementary school and is part of the Jewish Community of Athens. The school ranks as one of the best private schools in Athens and has always been a top priority for our community. It has a 75% penetration rate, one of the highest in Europe. Since its establishment in 1960, more than 1,200 students have graduated; currently there are 125 students enrolled.

The missions of our school are (1) to provide excellent educational standards that adhere to the curriculum of the Greek Ministry of Education, (2) to create and sustain a Jewish identity by teaching Jewish history and Hebrew, and (3) to help sustain lifelong relationships among our students. Recognizing that each child is unique, our teachers and staff strive to help the children develop the positive elements of their personality and promote each child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

In additional to the Greek curriculum, there are classes in English, Hebrew and French and lessons on Jewish history, religion and culture. The school’s excellent facilities include a theater hall which seats 140 people, a music room, library, gymnasium, computer lab, chemistry lab, soccer field, basketball court, and kindergarten playground. After-school and weekend clubs and e-tutoring offer an additional advantage.

Enrollment in the school is very important to our community; the Jewish Community of Athens partially subsidizes a percentage of every student’s tuition fees. For additional information, please send an email to